Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bringing me Home

Managed to make it back to New York on Friday night despite the big storm—for a moment I was afraid I was going to get stuck in STL for another night. I was missing both Rich and Cami so much that I would have been so bummed—even if Kyle was an excellent travel companion. But five separate delays later, we finally took off. And it seemed like I took the amazing weather with me back from the mid-west. A weekend with no rain and tons of sun.

Spent all day Sunday on the beach. I can't believe that it's almost mid-June, and we finally made the season's first trip down to the beach. The Spring has been so cold and rainy that I had not even picked up a maternity bathing suit—and I still don't have one. I think bikini bottoms and a wife-beater will be my signature beach look for a while! (Believe me, squeezing in to last summers string bikini is NOT an option!)

But hopefully I'll find something I like soon—maternity clothes are not famous for being overly fashionable, so finding that needle in the haystack may take some time. Rich stated quite accurately this weekend "This is not going to be your summer, is it?" after loudly sighing and complaining about my current summer wardrobe of five items. But, it will be all worth it—I'll, of course, happily give up one summer of fine fashion for another little bundle of joy!

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