Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

Just as I'm picking up pace from past weekend, it's almost Friday again. Wheee! 

We had such a nice and uneventful end to our summer—a summer that ultimately passed by way too fast. Saturday night we had the most amazing dinner on the dock in Oyster Bay marina. And even if the day was hot and muggy, the weather was just perfect for an end-of-summer dinner. Light warm breeze, a beautiful sunset, and a perfect view of fireworks in the distance. 

And as a weekend bonus, our bedroom also got painted. We were trying to remember when we last actually painted the walls in the master bedroom, and I think it must have been almost five years ago—and I could tell. Once all the furniture and pictures were off the walls, it looked pretty sad and dingy.  Now the actual fun part begins—decorating. I finally got rid of the one million over the door and wall hooks, and went ahead and ordered a new freestanding coat rack. That should solve some of my clutter problems. I have also been eyeing this beautiful Pendleton plaid wool blanket from the Ace Hotel, and with this mongolian lamb pillow from West Elm, our room would be quite heavenly. Of course, I wouldn't turn down some new pictures for the walls and maybe two new lamps, or so... 

I'll promise to post some photos once it's done. 

Now onto the rest of the house—nesting is in full swing, so I can spend all day cleaning and organizing.

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