Friday, February 28, 2014

Working Hard for the Money

Finally Friday! Just another couple of hours of work until I pack up and start the weekend. After retuning from maternity leave, I have been working two days a week at the local office in suburbia. What a difference it made—a little bit of sanity in the crazy rat race.

Still chilling in my slippers at work. Had the best intention of changing into my heels once I walked into work this morning, but with no bosses in the office today, they are still on my feet. I love lazy Fridays. 

Breaking the old fashion rules and broke out my white jeans today. I so excited to fit back into them—suck it baby weight! 28 more days to go for my diet, and just 8 more pounds to go. I'm finally starting to feel like myself again.

Have to run to get kids a slew of birthday gifts after work. Despite the threat of another snowstorm for Monday, I can tell Spring is here—kids birthday party extravaganza. Saturday party at a gymnastics place and Sunday at a local farm. Oh joy!

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