Monday, May 3, 2010

Diaper Bag Decision Anxiety

Had one of my final doctor's appointments today—3 cm dilated, but no obvious contractions. He estimated that I had at least a week or a week and a half left—I guess it's going to be close to the estimated date of May 21. We still have a few things to get done, so another 10 days would be great.

But it's not the delivery that's my current dilemma, but what diaper bag to order. I found one a few months ago that I really liked, but then last minute I found another one from Ju Ju Be that I also like. With only 10 more days to go, I have to make a decision.

So, all, what do you think? The preppy Mia Bossi bag or the rockerstar bag from Ju Ju Be? They are both $200 each.

Dotted Messenger Bag from Mia Bossi, $200,

Black Earth Leather Bag from Ju Ju Be, $200,

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