Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Jen!

What a long, long day. Tons of errands and then Jen's annual birthday BBQ in Nissequogue. Happy Birthday Jen—the big three-O. Welcome to the other side! As always, yummy food, delish cocktails (that white sangria kicked ass). And that view always takes my breath away.

We just got home and all three of us are totally exhausted. Thank god we decided against Midsummer celebration in the city last night. That would have been too much—especially since I constantly feel like I need a good night's sleep. But if we are not too tired tomorrow, we may venture out to the boat and have lunch out on the moring. This summer heat is really getting to me and the ocean breeze would be wonderful.

About to head for bed, but we are trying to make some weekend plans for the rest of the summer. I think maybe the Hamptons the weekend after next. Dying to spend a weekend at the beach with some good food and relaxation—especially since we have no trips planned until next summer. Traveling with a newborn just feels daunting at this time.

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