Friday, October 1, 2010

Baby Please Come Home

Just another five minutes until I dash off to start the weekend. Baby back ribs and prosecco for dinner—what's better than that!?

Should be a fun weekend. IKEA tomorrow morning with mom. I really want to get some cute stuff for the house to kick-start fall. And best of all, picking up some knäckebröd, lingonberry jam and Swedish pickles at the Swede Shop. I really miss Swedish food—I'm totally taking advantage of my mom's cooking now when she is living with us!

Super excited for picking up my vintage TAG men's watch from the watch store. Rich got his first watch refurbished for me. It's so cool looking! Very J Crew 80s preppy. I'll try to get a picture to post.

Need to get some rest this weekend too. Will be another crazy week next week, but I'm super excited. We have a new girl starting Monday and that always make things a little insane, but we desperately could use another set of hands here =)

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