Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eastward Bound

What an amazing day we had yesterday! Farm stands, wineries, homemade pies and ice cream. I forget how much I like it out on Long Island's north fork in the early fall. And as much as I really enjoy the summer, this time of year is just so nice—not cold, not hot, just perfect. And if you are lucky enough to get perfect sunny skies—nothing can compare.

We didn't just taste great local wines Saturday, but we ended up taking tons of pictures to—and everyone seemed to turn out great! (That never happens—we usually end of with only one or two good photos.)

We only stopped by two wineries (Raphael and Pindar)—we had planned on at least three but every place takes so much longer than you first planned. Plus, we wanted to go pumpkin picking afterwards too.

I have to say, after this weekend I kind of wish I had a little weekend house out there—there are so many abandoned old houses just waiting to be renovated. Maybe some day in they future, we'll get something out there =)

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