Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Savannah Summer Wedding

I am so excited for this summer! Planning two great vacations. First two long relaxing weeks in Sweden with the family in Hallamölla—first country visit for Campbell (note to self: get baby passport). And then a week down in Savannah, Georgia!

Just received my friend Jen's invitation to the most amazing wedding extravaganza this summer. Three wonderful days at the Ford Plantation. I just checked out the website and it looks like the dreamiest local ever. I think we'll spend a whole week down there so we'll have time to explore Savannah, go ghost hunting (it's supposed to be the most haunted town in America), and drink some mint juleps and Arnold Palmers on the veranda. Maybe we'll even have time for a quick game of tennis and some saltwater fishing.

I just have to shop around for the preppiest J Crew dress I can possibly find!

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