Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wroom, Wroom

I feel like such an adult today—I finally signed the paperwork for my very first own new car. I know, unbelievable! Well, I guess better late than never. Picking up my brand new 2011 Honda Crosstour on Saturday—I can't wait. Totally crazy about it! Now I just have to figure out a good weekend outing to test it out.

We have driven around with a two-door car for the past nine months, trying to maneuver the car seat with the baby in and out every day—enough to drive anyone crazy. I was just totally over it. I had very few requirements for the new car—big engine (I have a notorious led foot) and four doors (it had to be cute too, of course). I think I can put a check-mark next to all of them!

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