Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hurricane Wedding


Trying to catch up on the events of the last few days. Despite hurricane Irene hitting us on Saturday night, we decided to head out to North Fork Long Island for Jeanette and Steve's wedding at Laurel Lake Vineyard.

I'm so glad we went—a lot of people had decided to cancel last minute and I felt really bad when I saw the empty chairs! But we had such a great time. Gorgeous bride, beautiful setting out in wine country, good food and an endless supply of wine! Plus what's better than a wedding of people that are crazy in love.

I know they had warned about wild weather hitting NOFO in the early evening, it was just a light drizzle and no wind at all—we even had cocktails and dinner on the large veranda. It was like the weather gods were looking out for all of us, giving us just a little break before all the craziness was brought on.

Again, congratulations Jeanette and Steve! We love you and wish you an eternity of happiness.

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