Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm Still Standing

Looking at this picture, I can't believe that in a little over 24 hours a hurricane will be hitting New York! Unbelievable that we have had an earthquake and now a hurricane hitting New York City--all in one week. (OK, fine, the earthquake was more like a tremor, but still!!)

Have been getting supplies all day. Duct tape, tarps, water, cereal, hundreds of tea candles and batteries. I hope we will be OK riding this one out. We are in flood areas after all! And the eye of the storm is currently projecting to pass right over our house in Cold Spring Terrace so we will be a busy night tonight--everything needs to be anchored down. The craziest part is that we are heading out to a wine country wedding on the North Fork of Long Island tomorrow night. Perfect timing for the storm...that should be one that goes down in memories.

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