Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Kids are Back in Town

Back from a few beautiful days in Mexico—it's amazing what a few days in the sun can do for the soul. I feel completely rejuvenated and ready for spring! Of course, as always, I could have stayed for another few days if it wasn't for our little love bug at home. Luckily we came home to spring time temperatures in NYC. The day before yesterday was actually 70F! 

An unexpected benefit of the vacation—I seem to have rediscovered some writing inspiration for the blog again. I guess that is what sun shine and sleep do to you. I have been in this weird funk after the holidays and nothing felt interesting enough to write about. But now I finally feel like I have found my way again.

Have spent all weekend sorting through my dresser and linen closet. I managed to gather up 5 big bags of garbage and equally many bags for donation. I finally feel like I can breath! Plenty of room for all my things.

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  1. Mexico kan göra under för vem som helst. Så underbart:)



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