Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stop and Go

It's been a little erratic with the blog updates this last year. This crazy schedule and job has left me completely drained and I've had little inspiration to come up with anything halfway interesting to say.

I finished up my very last day in this office this week, and I'm feeling things are going to be different going forward.

Still, it was a little bittersweet to leave behind all my friends. I'm even going to miss that guy that eats breakfast and lunch so loudly at his desk that I have to wear my headphone to block to sounds; and that girl that looks at everything as a glass half empty; and the woman that always wears clothes a size too small; and the guy that insists on showing up to every single meeting 8 minutes late. They have all been part of this great and sometimes challenging journey.

Hopefully I'll see you all around in the smallest big city in the world.

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