Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Turning Another Page...

Just another week left at this job before it's time to bid everyone farewell after a hectic year.

Landed myself a sweet new gig at a smaller digital agency that just happens to not only have a snazzy Manhattan office, but also a small outpost on Long Island. How perfect doesn't that sound!? Even if it's just once in a while that I hang out in suburbia for the day, it will definitely add some life/work balance.

I guess a few small upgrades to the work wardrobe is completely justifiable! Just ordered this dress and blazer that I am utterly in love with.

'Gatsby' Blazer from Ovi, On sale for $42.00 and 'It's a Warp' Dress from Honey Punch, On sale for $36.00.

Both @

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