Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Salt Air


Time has been flying by this summer. I just noticed that I haven’t posted for over two weeks. Shame on me!

It’s been a whirlwind of a summer so far, and the last two weekends have been jam packed with fun. Thank god we are staying put this weekend—I need some time at home.

Headed over to Kismet on Fire Island the weekend before last. Every time I’m back, I’m reminded what a little paradise it is. Not fancy by any means, but just nice and laid back—no high heels needed here! A bikini, a pair of shorts, and flip-flops is all you need. I absolutely adore places like that. (Not that I don’t love slipping into a pretty dress and put on lipstick once in a while too.)

Spent all of Saturday out on the boat this past weekend. What an amazing day for a sail! A decent breeze coming out of the east was filling our sails just perfectly, and we were out in the Long Island Sound in no time.  Snapped a few photos, so I’ll try to get a few up here soon.

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