Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Holiday Road


Just another couple weeks until we head out to Montauk for a little mini vacation. We booked this really cute place right on the beach half way between Montauk and East Hampton. No driving necessary—just roll out of bed and skip down to the beach. I did scout out a really cute place if we feel like venturing out for dinner and drinks night called Rushmeyer's. It’s right on Fort Pond between the Atlantic and the Peconic, a little more low-key than Surf Lodge, and perfectly kid friendly.  (I heard they have all these little tents outside that kids can play in. I think Cami will love it. )

Really excited to bring by boogie board too. I haven’t surfed since the summer before having Cami, and I’m dying to get back in the waves. I just have to stay clear of sharks (I’ve heard they prowl the coast) and the rip tides. 

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