Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Had a beautiful evening at the Rise of the Jack O’lanterns at Old Westbury Gardens last Saturday. Food and wine at sis-in-law Debbie’s, and then a walk among 5,000 carved and lit up pumpkins displayed along dark pathways throughout the mansion grounds. Amazingly beautiful. Pumpkins in all shapes and forms—beautiful patterns, likeness of celebrities, cartoons, sports teams, you name it!

Interesting fact: All the pumpkins had been hand carved by local artists and the more elaborate pumpkins took an average of three days each to carve. Pretty cool.

Next weekend will be the annual family Halloween dinner at Alicia’s house in Rockville Center. Apparently she has been working hard at this year’s edition of the scavenger hunt. Should be fun. Rich always wins, so this year I told him he has to play with me and Cami, or else…

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