Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Carrots and Potatoes = Yum Yum

Cooking up a storm in our new Beaba babycook steamer/baby food maker last night. Thought since it was her 4 month birthday, it would be a great time to try out solid food for the first time. Mixed some carrots and potatoes into this gross looking orange puree, but she absolutely loved it. Her cute little face was just filled with both curiosity and wonder.

Of course, the food ended up all over the place—in her ear and nose and of course all over her shirt. I didn't realize how messy little babies can be when they eat! Next time, I really should put a bib on her.

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  1. Haklapp är nog att rekommendera. Jag vet hur systerdottern såg ut när hon började äta själv. Det var mat överallt! Hunden hos mormor (min mamma)hade fest hela tiden:)

    Ha det gott.



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