Monday, February 4, 2013


Home with a little fevery and cranky little lady on the couch today. Super stuffy, 104F fever, and a nasty cough. I feel terrible when she is this sick, but I'm lucky enough to have the flexibility to work from home, so I can pamper her. 

Spent Super Bowl weekend being lazy at home. We even skipped out on watching the game and indulged in Downton Abby instead. I'm so hooked on that show that just thinking about running out of episodes to watch, gives me anxiety. I think there are a couple of more to go in Season 3 and then I have to patiently wait for next fall.

Popping a bottle of sparkly in the fridge for tonight. I think after a full day as a nurse, a glass of bubbly and steaks on the grill are in order. Even if it's going to start snowing tonight! Another of couple of minutes on the couch and then I'm going to hang some new pictures. I got a signed Damien Hirst print that I have been dying to get up on the wall since the summer. Wish me luck and a straight aim...

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