Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pay it Forward

It's been such a nice day today even if it's grey and rainy. Early morning visit to the Huntington Y pre-school. I can't believe my little baby is ready to start school already. What happened?! But she absolutely loved it there, and they have swimming lessons included in the curriculum. I'm jealous!

Had to stop by the doctors office today for Cami 'old man' snoring: With sunglasses on, telling the nurse "Lady, I don't like it too hard. Don't do it too hard" over and over again, referring back to last weeks flu shot. 

And the best part of today. On Valentine's we had a couple of glasses of wine at Union Square Cafe, and without realizing it, my Hermes make-up bag must have slipped out on the floor. I was devastated. Rich bought it for me as a present for my first director job. And who would be nice enough to turn it in and not just take it for themselves? 

BUT my faith in mankind was restored today. I called them today, and sure enough they had it there! I am so relieved. I thought it would be gone forever. I need to pay this good karma forward!

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