Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow Patrol

I know everyone's complaining about the blizzard that dumped 28 inches of snow on us here in Huntington, but I'm absolutely ecstatic. I love a good snow storm here and there! We had bunkered up with food, wine and plenty of movies on the DVR, so we were doing alright.

Up with the sun this morning to shovel—talk about an excellent workout. Plus, goofing around in the snow with Cami made me exhausted!

The town has closed the roads for any traffic with the exception of plows and emergency personnel, so we're stuck here for another day—but we don't mind. I think tomorrow we are going to try to get over to Coindre Hall with some hot coco in the bag and go sledding. We have to take advantage of the snow—Easter is just 6 weeks away!

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