Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Monday

Simple pleasures in life. Lunch with the hubby at Caffe Falai in Soho on a hot, sunny New York Monday. Homemade pasta Bolognese with an ice cold glass of rosé—cheap and yummy. Let's do it again, sometime soon.

Just a couple of updates for today. Of course, I managed to drop my phone in the treacherous high tides on Fire Island on Saturday. Typical. And being really sloppy about backing up my data, I lost pretty much everything on it—I'm still grieving over 4 years of notes (I like that note pad...a lot). Well, Victoria at the Walt Whitman Apple store was amazing and gave me a new phone for free. Sweet! Thanks Apple for saving the day =)

And we finally managed to get around to book our flight to Savannah for Labor Day. We had like a gazillion frequent flyer miles to redeem, so we ended up getting this flight for free. But it's going to be three days without Campbell—should be relaxing and heartbreaking all at once. I'm strange loving someone so much that being apart for just a few hours makes you miss them like crazy. Anyway, we are all confirmed. Now we just have to get our room too.

Last but not least, date night on Saturday night with stay-over at Cassa, dinner at ABC Kitchen (cross your fingers that we get a reservation) and sunset drinks at Gramercy Park Hotel's rooftop deck.

Weekend pictures from Kismet to come shortly...

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