Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekend Reminiscing

Taking a quick afternoon break daydreaming about the weekend before last at Fire Island. Finally some more pictures for you all. (I know, I still owe pictures from our European vacation. One day, my friends, one day!) 

Early morning hour walk from Robert Moses, past the Fire Island light house, and an amazing day with Campbell and second cousins at the Kismet beach. Pitcher of 'sand'gria watching the sunset on the dock, dinner at the Inn, and a midnight walk back to the car--the lighthouse lit up by the full moon was spectacular! I think that should be the definition of a perfect day (minus the exceptionally high tide and rip currents that drowned my phone, of course! That was totally no fun)

But, as fun as that, and last weekend were, I'm totally looking forward to having a weekend off. Besides Jen's bachelorette party at the Gansevoort Hotel and Edie and the Wolf on Saturday night, I'm kicking off my shoes and relaxing all weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Vilka härliga bilder! Men synd att din telefon blev helt paj:(

    Ha det gott och jag ser fram emot bilderna från Sverige semestern:)



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