Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pretty Play Areas


Quick break from the rollers and brushes with some blog updates and this year's Shark Week premier. Looking for some inspiration for kids play area's and found this amazing photo on Kjersti's Lykke (thanks for letting me use this photo).  I want this little kitchen play area for Campbell. I love this white play stove from brio and how it's incorporated into an adult decor. I simply have to find this stove right now!

Both living room and dining room are almost done—just a few more hours of paining then all done. And these walls really need some fresh paint. Two shades of beautiful matte silver grey—and it's coming out just the way i imagined it. Rich's grandma's rattan chairs from the beach  house are in place and I just have to order the fabric for the upholstery now (i found this amazing print from West ETlm).  Of course everything is taking about four times longer than I first thought, but hopefully by fall, the whole upstairs will be all done. (Cross your fingers!)

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