Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Columbus Day Weekend!

A beautiful start to the long holiday weekend—a sunny and warm Friday evening. Perfect night to fire up the grill for some steaks and fresh wild mushrooms from Eataly.

So thankful to be off on Monday; I'm in desperate need of a day off with my sweetpea. And since she's spending all of tomorrow with grandma, aunts and cousins Pumpkin picking at Schmitt Farms, in may be able to sneak in a nap too. Ahh, I can't even remember what a nap feels like anymore =)

Getting together with my girlfriends for a moms' night out tomorrow too. My goodness, it will be so much fun catching up. We haven't gotten together forever—I guess between kids, houses, work and husbands there's not much time left in the day. But we'll capitalize on the time we have and talk and drink wine fast and furiously.

(Photo: Silhouette of the O'neill building on 6th ave.—one of my favorite buildings in the city!)

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