Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Farmer's Market

Spent all Sunday decorating the house for fall, cleaning up the yard and doing one gazillion loads of laundry. I still don't understand where all the dirty laundry comes come!? Every weekend those baskets are overflowing and yet they were empty just a few days before that. Very mysterious.

Treated ourselves to breakfast at Munday's—their strawberry french toast is just to die for! And just be coincidence we realized that Huntington has a farmer's market every Sunday up until Thanksgiving. How come i knew nothing about this!? I love getting locally grown produce and helping the few farms still around on Long Island. We got so much good stuff, but my favorites were the golden beets, baby carrots and green tomatoes. And I can't forget about that Ale bread and cinnamon raisin loaf we got too—the whole fridge is full of amazing fresh produce.

(I think some tea and cinnamon raisin bread is a must on a beautiful fall night like this!)

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