Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Dry Bar

Just came home from a five hour commute from the city. Three lightening strikes on the train signal switches outside Jamaica. What are the chances of that!? Luckily Rich and I had met up in the city, so we managed to squeeze in a surprise date night. Yummy food and great atmosphere at Cross Bar at the old Limelight (they have a beautiful outdoor patio.)

Thanks god tomorrow is Friday and as a little treat to jump-start the weekend, I'm treating myself to a blow out at Dry Bar. I have been dying to try out this place on 16th street. Motto: No Color. No cut. Just blow outs! And seriously, often that's all you need to put that little extra bounce in your step! They offer tons of different types of blowouts—I'm going for the Mai Tai—all $40 (for an extra $10 you get a 10 min scalp massage during your wash.) Plus the place is beautiful!

Check it out for yourself at (my verdict coming tomorrow)

Dinner at Suishi Samba and drinks and the Gansevoort to celebrate Rachel's 30th birthday later. Not sure I even wanna go after this commute =( Staying in with Campbell sounds so much more appealing...

Photos courtesy of The Dry Bar

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