Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Running on Empty

This day couldn't end fast enough! Finally on my way home to start four much needed days off.

Heading back into Manhattan tomorrow with mom and Stickan. I'm thinking a pit stop at Eataly and then some Soho shopping—I'm in desperate need of some new clothes.

Every morning for the last two months have begun with swearing and frustration over the selection in my closet. Time to do something about it! I'm thinking J. Crew, Club Monaco, Madewell, Zara and maybe even Gap tomorrow. I just need some fun AND functional pieces to mix and match. After a shopping trip I always feel rejuvenated and ready to clean out my closet—all those summer clothes definitely need to be put away!

Did some speed shopping on my way home tonight. Bought a stroller in 6 minutes flat! I think that's my record. No over-thinking or shopping around here =)

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