Friday, February 19, 2010

27 Weeks and Counting

27 weeks today—in three more days I'll be entering month 7 and the third and final trimester. Whoo hoo! Just 13 more weeks to go, thank god.

Up 21 lbs and I'm gaining about a pound every week. Yikes! And I'm eating pretty healthy too—basically no calories leave my body at this point. I guess the gym and a diet will be my best friends this summer. Since last visit, I tested negative for gestational diabetes, and I have a good blood count. It feels like there are a hundred different tests the doctor needs to run.

I feel overall pretty good, but I have had a few bouts of bad heartburn, lack of sleep, leg cramps, achey back and a stuffy nose the last few weeks. I guess it could be much worse, but I'm in that phase now where it's just one long wait. My husband has been so sweet, giving me back rubs and waiting on me hand and foot. I feel spoiled rotten.

We are both so excited, that we can barely think and talk about anything else. Pretty pathetic, but I guess that's how it is. Judging from her crazy antics every day in the belly, Rich thinks she is going to be a firecracker like her mom!

Cravings for this week:
All kinds of yoghurt, especially Greek (and a lot of it)
Fresh pineapple
Cold milk at 4 am (and I normally don't even drink milk)

Currently makes me gag:
Grilled chicken
Mexican food

Still miss:
A glass of wine or champagne (I don't discriminate)
A good night's sleep
A full day in 4 inch heels
My short term memory (It's completely wiped out. I can't remember anything anymore)
Shopping for something else but bags, shoes and jewelry


  1. Hi Anna! I've been reading this blog since a couple weeks and now I'm so hooked!
    It's so nice to read about you, your baby and that beautiful city (I'd like to live there one day)..
    Enjoy your last months of pregnancy! :)

    Best wishes from Argentina!!

  2. Thanks so much Antonela! You should def. make it to NY—this is a truly amazing city.



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