Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I just got back from getting a mani and brow wax. It's amazing how much I love the spa. If I had the time and the money, I would probably go everyday. All these people just pampering and primping you. Love it!

Today was a complete emergency though. Short nails and crappy cuticles, and the little squirrel eyebrows needed some taming.

But the girl today almost gave me a heart attack. (I have had some bad experiences in the past—one time a place even gave them different shapes! I looked all wonky eyed for weeks.) Anyway, I told her I prefer my brows natural and "medium thin", absolutely not super thin, but the second before she put the wax on, she repeated "so you like them super thin?". I nearly died—I hate super thin eyebrows. Thank god I managed to stop her before it was too late. Note to self: always triple check the brow directions before the wax is out.

Love the red nails. Essie Geranium polish. J'adore!

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