Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Food for a Rainy Day

Pouring rain in NYC today. I had forgotten how miserable it can be—unless you are cuddled up inside, I guess.

I headed downtown for a lunch date + shopping at Thomas Pink with Rich. Amazing how a lunch date can make a whole day so much better, despite all the rain. We tried this new place Crepes du Nord—Scandinavian Creperie, run by the same couple as Swedish restaurant Smorgås Chef (a favorite Swede place). It's actually the back of that same restaurant but instead of entering on Stone Street, you'll enter from South William St.

Despite just being open for a week, the food was really tasty, generous portions, pretty cheap and the atmosphere was warm and cozy. I would say the only drawback was the slow service. We only had our lunch hour and we ended up eating in a rush. They serve both sweet and savory crepes—many with a Scandinavian twist such as lingonberry or smoked salmon—but also classic favorites such as Nutella/Banana and Crepes Suzette.

For more reviews and location info, click here.

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