Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Steals from Marc by Marc Jacobs

Went down to the accessory shop for Marc By Marc Jacobs in the West Village today and got some really cute stuff—and it was cheap too! I found these super durable canvas totes with suede detailing for only $28 each. Came in green, yellow, neon orange, hot pink, grey and turquoise. I think a perfect gift (I got one for myself and one for my niece in DC).

They also had these specially designed Valentine's evening purses. They are super sweet. Metallics on a gold or silver chain. My two first color choices were sold out (gunmetal and purple), but I got one in silver and one in gold. thought I would give one to my other niece. (It also came in red and blue metallic.) Only $35!

The store is tiny and super crowded, but if you want to brave it, it's on 385 Bleecker Street, West Village, Manhattan. I know it's totally commercialized, but who cares anyway.

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