Friday, August 13, 2010

Feeling Lazy

As usual I have million things to get done today, but instead I'm sitting on the sofa eating a Swedish cinnamon bun drinking a diet coke watching a little tv. Just the thought of going back to work on Monday has completely paralyzed me, and I'm not getting anything accomplished. Part of me is looking forward to go to work—seeing my co-workes, doing my hair and putting on some cute outfits. But another part of me wants to stay at home with my little peanut and just hang out. I'm feeling really really torn and anxious about the whole thing. Luckily Rich's mom is watching her for two weeks and then my mom will pitch in for another 3 months. I guess after that, she's a little older and I don't have to worry so much.

Anyway, I have given myself 15 minutes to get my butt in gear and get the house cleaned up and plant some flowers in the garden. I'll check in later today to update with some new fun stuff. (Rich took me shopping for some cute clothes to make it easier to head back to work). brb.

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  1. Bara njut nu din sista helg av den grymt korta mammaledigheten. Antar att det är den enda gången som du önskat att du bodde i Sverige:)
    Hon växer ju så det knakar den lilla prinsessan och det är kul att följa utvecklingen för mig som tyvärr inte har några småttingar.
    Ha det nu gott & njut av helgen.



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