Sunday, August 29, 2010

Spoiled Rotten, not me. Campbell is. Got tons of really cute gifts from Sweden again. Thank you all for all the amazing stuff! Got to take a walk down memory lane this weekend when Campbell got a "Little Anna" doll (see pic above). I used to love those books when I was a little kid in Sweden. Of course, being named Anna made it even better. (I used to think those were stories about me!)

We had a busy weekend again. I don't understand how that can be!? Mom and Stig are here visiting, and of course helping out, but still it seemed to be Sunday night way too fast again. I should have had plenty of time updating the blog, but it simply didn't happen.

I have tons of photos to share from the last few days. I'll try to post them in a bit. Otherwise I have to start getting ready for bed soon. It's past eleven and I have to get up with mini at 5:30...

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