Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baby craziness and a conniving bitch

Gosh, what pointless drama The Hill show has become. Caught up on a few episodes on my DVR last night. Kristin is a conniving man eater, Heidi has become obsessed with babies, and Spencer is an even bigger jerk than before. Every day life in LA, right. I don't know why I even bother watching this show anymore. Like, does anyone really care about these people anymore? It's the same 8 people in different places. No wonder they had to bring in Kristin to create drama, otherwise no one would have anything to talk about. All their lives may take place in the lap of luxury but they are all kind of boring. It used to be my secret indulgence, but it has become a bunch of nonsense. It can't even hold my interest for the 30 minutes that it  is on! 

(The best part of the show was the showcase of the band Vedera—they are great, esp. Satisfy!)

The City one the other hand is surprisingly good. (It's kind of sad when a show spin off is actually better than the original.) I guess because they actually have real lives (I know they are staged for the benefit of the show, but still, at least the main characters have more than one dimension.)

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