Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brownie Points

I go to tons of sample sales, but recently I have actually left empty handed. I'm trying really really hard no to buy things I don't need (or sometimes not even want)!

Last year doing my annual closet clean out, I noticed tons of stuff never worn. Tags still attached. So embarrassing! And what a waste of money. I have this bad habit of panic buying non-returnable items at sample sales and I never wear them. I do have the best intentions to, I really do. But I guess in a chaotic dressing room, half naked in front of a hundred other half naked women, it's not easy to make a wise decision—especially when there are ten other women waiting like vultures for you to put your items down so they can snag it. I'm thinking "maybe I better get it, cause if these other women want it, I should probably want it too. I better get it...just in case."

Once in a while I actually do manage to find things at sample sales—without regrets. I scored major brownie points today, when I found this Bugatti leather weekend duffle in cognac leather for only $129 for the hubbie. He has wanted one forever. 

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