Monday, October 12, 2009

Forever 21 is Forever Awesome

Just got two cardigans and a cute brocade mini at Forever 21. I love that place. Where else can you get a bag full of cute fashion for $100 (ok, maybe H&M too). I'm in such desperate need for fall/winter sweaters. It's freezing out and when I unpacked winter storage this weekend, I realized that I didn't have at all as much stuff as I first thought. There must be another box somewhere, but...

...then I remembered the 8 bags of clothing I donated to the Lupus Foundation last spring. Hmmm. Maybe I was too quick to get rid of stuff, since I am currently sweater-less.

Anyway, as I'm placing my order, I realize that I know my debit card number by heart. Maybe that means I'm shopping to much...

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