Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it!

It's been such a crazy day at work today. I should have never complained about being bored!! All I want now is some peace and quiet.

Still managed to squeeze in a walk down 5th during lunch. I stopped by GAP on 5th and 17th and discovered that they had a 40% off sale. Got some great basics–they have great quality tees and tanks. I also lucked out and found a pair of super cute cropped white jeans! I was planning to get the J Crew ones, but I found these ones for under $40 at GAP. 

I am so silly, but I get happy like a little kid in a candy store when I get a great deal. I really love mixing expensive stuff with cheaper things. That way you can stay trendy and not break the bank!

I really have to go home and sort out the stuff in my closet now. Enough of empty promises–it's completely overflowing! I have clothes that I don't use and things that simply are too big, mixed in with some winter stuff I didn't get to put away for the season. It doesn't help that I'm so pathetic, I continue to hang on to expensive things even if I don't use them. 

On top of a messy closet, my promise of cleaning up this weekend, was out the window once Sammi girl asked me to come to her graduation. Of course next weekend we have Jen's party on Saturday. Ugh, my house is falling apart. 

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