Friday, June 5, 2009

Tons of treasures

I have always appreciated old stuff, but after living abroad for so long I really treasure it. To make the whole thing better, my mom is looking to "downsize", and is finally ready to give away some of the family heirlooms. I guess she finally thinks I'm old enough to be trusted to take care of things. 

Luckily, my great-grandma and my grandma both had huge amounts of china, silverware, and other home stuff, and my mom has now come to the conclusion that among other things 10 white table cloths, 3 full sets of china, 13 cake knives and 6 sets of teaspoons is way too much to store. Granted, I didn't get any of what mom calls the "really good stuff", but I'm happy nonetheless. It's not the monetary value that I treasure, but the fact that it was my grandma's stuff.

Some of the loot this time: One of my grandma's handwoven white linen tablecloths, silver teaspoons, and four pickled herring forks (they really have special utensils for everything).

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