Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I feel good and I knew that I would

Had one of those deep, dreamless nights sleep. Feels great and I'm not one bit tired today. I tend to have very colorful, dramatic, senseless dreams and I always wake up feeling exhausted. I hate it, but at least I have interesting dreams to talk about. It's almost like living a second live during the night.

I have to run to the eye doctor again today. He can't figure out what is wrong with my right eye. I'm having this strange double vision and it's really annoying. I wasn't that concerned until the doctor told me that he might want to schedule me for a retina exam. I hope I'm not going blind! 

Anyway, I'm so over this weather. I need real summer heat. Lately I'm checking the weather report obsessively, thinking that it might have changes since I looked last 20 minutes ago. Still just cloudy and thunder until Saturday. So depressing–my tan is fading by the minute.

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