Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Friday Night Lights

We had such a great time the friday before we left Sweden. Friends and family gathered at Handelsbaren in Åhus  for the summer season opening. The funny thing with a small town is that you always run into people you know–some awkward moments and some pleasant surprises. My step-brothers ex-wife was there with her new husband. It wouldn't have been so weird if it wasn't for the fact that she cheated on him with her boss and wanted a divorce after just a few months of marriage. It absolutely broke his heart. She was such a douche. Luckily, he met someone wonderful after that and is now happily remarried! I decided to not exchange pleasantries.

I did also meet my old friend Jenny's parents. They are so great. If I had to chose parents besides my own, they would be it. I actually also ran into my childhood best friend Tobbe (yeah, I was a tomboy). I had not seen him for almost 15 years!! I was in chock and could barely speak. The world moves in mysterious ways.

Evening highlights:
Great company (Thank you all for coming. It really meant a lot to me.)
Fab weather
First Round drinks on the house
Awesome view
Walking home while the sun was rising at 3 am.

Best drinks:
Local sparkling cider
Absolute Pear shots
Lennart (Apple cognac and fruit soda) Delish!

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