Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Frugalista Fab

My whole theory on fashion is to spend a little more then usual on classic garments and save on trendy items that you will just wear a handful of times or for just a season. I think we all have at least a few pieces in our closets that were super expensive and very trendy (complete impulse buys!!) I know, I have for sure a few of those guilt ridden items still hanging in my closet. I just can't get myself to donate them—they were way too expensive (and secretly I think I'm hoping that they will some back in fashion some day.)

Plus, Cami spills a wide variety of foods and drinks on me almost every day. I can't remember last I managed to stay spill free for a whole day =) and no matter how hard I try, grape juice, lollipops, and those macaronis that come flying always seem to land on that silk blouse or the nice cashmere sweater.

On that note, I found these two really cute items at Old Navy. A really nice pleated skirts (super cute with boots and a jacket) and a beautiful satin dress in the most amazing emerald green.

Micro-pleat skirt, on sale $19.99 @ oldnavy.com

Ruffled Satin Dress, $44.94 @ oldnavy.com

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