Monday, November 21, 2011

Hidden Talents

I think we all have at least one unexpected hidden talent that is just waiting to come out. One of those thing that is a complete surprise to yourself and everyone around you. I discovered mine a few years ago when we move into our first apartment together. It was apparent that I was really good at home renovations. Carpentry. Laying tiles. Installing windows. For some unexplained reason I can just look at it and then figure out how to do it! No training whatsoever (wood shop in grammar school does not count!).

[Tell me, what's your hidden talent?]

Back to the weekend project. We really only have a handful of projects left in the house, but new bathroom tiles was definitely one of them.

We have had these gross 1970s tiles since we moved in 6 years ago. Some weird mix of bone white and fleshy pink. I don't even understand how anyone could have picked it out.

48 hour transformation. Old tiles out, new tiles in, and it looks amazing! I'm actually a little impressed myself. For a while on Saturday I actually started to think we wouldn't be able I finish on time for Monday morning (Water damage in the form of soaking wet drywall was discovered midway in the project. I should have known). But beautiful white subway tiles with a grayish blue glass tile accent striped. All ready for another bubble bath.

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