Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Good Morning Cold Spring Harbor

Beautiful crisp fall morning on the island. Just three more days of the work week. Hurrah! Saturday night wine tasting at our place. I had been planning this party for last weekend, but with the great weather, the new window installation had to take precedence. All that's remaining is to pick out six great wines and make some good food to snack on. I'm thinking three whites and three reds. Suggestions?

Thanksgiving in just another two weeks—where did this fall go? August until now went so fast, and it's soon Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas, I'm so excited for the holidays. I actually love the whole Christmas season—we always kick-off with Lucia celebration at the Swedish church. (Just a reminder, tickets go on sale Nov 18). This year Cami is going to be so much more aware of everything, so Christmas should be absolutely spectacular. We are adding a new tradition this year and we'll go out east on the North Fork to cut our own Christmas tree!

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