Friday, November 18, 2011

Hello Gorgeous!

I woke up so full of excitement today, a little extra spring in my step. Not only is it Friday, but today is pitch day! It doesn't get any more exhilarating that that. With that unusual little burst of energy, I actually managed leave the house five minutes earlier than normal--just enough to goof around a little outside with Cami (and snap a few shots). She is truly the sunshine of my life and just adds that extra sliver lining in everything =)

As always after a big pitch, I'm craving a little relaxation and rest. Maybe an evening in PJs, with tea and The King's Speech on Netflix? Planning another ambitious weekend--we really want everything to be in in time for the holidays. New shower tiles are being installed and we are having our the annual closet clean out. I need to purge to make room for some new stuff. Right now I'm so frustrated--everything is so jammed in there that it's so difficult to get ready in the morning.

Anyway, upwards and forwards. I'll be back later!

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