Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Playtime and Wine

Play date with Laurie and Mimi last week--actually the first real play date they have ever had. (Thanks Laurie for being the hostess with the mostest!) I think the little ones will get the hang of it soon--so far it was two girls playing two separate games right next to each other. Plus, Cami did not score any brownie points with Mimi when she on several occasions stole Mimi's favorite blanket. Such a little naghty girl sometimes =)

But to be honest, it was a perfect excuse for us girls to get together and have a glass of wine. Unfortunately, those instances are far and few between now when kids are in the picture. But we cherish the times we do have. Thank you girls for being wonderful friends!

Just about to be off to the train. Another long night of browsing through pictures on the laptop trying to find a photo for our Christmas card. Wish me luck...

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