Monday, June 1, 2009

Spoiled rotten

The family (minus Stig, who's behind the camera)

Rich and I, silly after a few shots

Disoriented after too much to drink–and with a silly backpack on. 


Rich and Yvonne lagging behind

I'm so incredibly fortunate...I think I forget it sometimes. Children of divorce often end up in the middle of custody battles and feuding parents. I, on the other hand, became one of those who got blessed with two families who I love, and who love me.  Although it's technically my step-family and half-sisters, I always think of them all as my own. 

Last Sunday we went on the annual family hike, 10 miles of the most beautiful woods you have ever seen with one of the best families you could ever meet. Same tradition every year. Mid-way break with shots, sandwiches and Ursula's chocolate covered strawberries. BBQed hotdogs and wine at Vantalängan. Big BBQ upon the return to our family outpost, Hallamölla. 

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