Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Campbell's first 4th of July celebration! We spent the whole day at the boat, but decided to just stay out on the moring. Such a beautiful day with both champagne and strawberries, and then a little later lunch. We first thought it was going to be way to hot to just hang out on the boat. It was 93 F today and if there's no ocean breeze, it can be torture being stuck in the sun.

We thought we would make this a photo op, but of course, mini decided to sleep ALL day. Unbelievable! So below, some pictures from today with a sleeping beauty...

The Yacht Club

I and mini

Rich opening the champagne

Yummy Strawberries

View of Center Island


Stars and Stripes

Rich and Campbell


Campbell and I

Rich and his First Mate =)

Sleeping Beauty

Oyster Bay

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