Thursday, August 6, 2009

Crash Bang Boom!

Had such a horrible night's sleep last night. First off, our house was like a hot steam room—muggy and hot. You know, when the sheets are a little damp and just stick to your skin and then bundles up into a big lump. Totally gross! But even through that, I fell asleep not only to wake up to a huge crash. The legs of our bed literally just bent and collapsed. My whole side of the bed tipped over. What a self-esteem booster!? The bed is collapsing under my weight! LOL. I was too tired to try to fix it at 4 am, so I ended up sleeping the rest of the night in a downhill slope. Not ideal conditions.

Anyway, I am making a command decision and will be getting us a new bed frame. I really like this one from IKEA—I try to benefit the Swedish economy as best I can =)

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