Thursday, August 6, 2009

Finally jackpot!

After hunting around, I finally struck gold and found a boyfriend chambray shirt that I love, that is not too expensive and is in stock. On it's way with Fed Ex as I write. Whoo hoo! Will look perfect with really dark jeans.

In the end, I found it at GAP, my go-to store for basics. I do love designer brands, but with the current economy, I'll rather buy a few affordable things I like than just one pricey item. And truthfully, if you have a sense of style, you can create magic with basic H&M and GAP stuff. 

I don't I have less money than before, per se, but I have become much more conscientious of how I spend it. I really like being a thrifty shopper. Going to bed feeling anxious because you over-spent doesn't make anyone a happy camper. So, I'm much less impulsive nowadays, I go back when they have a sale (which tend to be quite frequently). If they don't have my size anymore—maybe it wasn't meant to be. C'est la vie!

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